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Natural Grain Kite Stool (b+k)

Food by-products...
The Natural Grain Kite stool is a supercycled delight that grew from a desire to create a mold using a classic shape (in this case Blakebrough+King's own classic aluminium Kite Stool) and stuff just about any waste product that you could think of into it, to create a functional piece.
Natural Grain Kite Stool by Blakebrough+King

In this way it is a work in progress, and we may revisit it down the track. The mold is stuffed with food by-products - ie. the stuff left over from food production - wheat straw and rice straw.

But the experiments continue and are a lot of fun with very rewarding results...
We particularly like the way the raw material is trapped in the resin and its roughness contrasts with the clean geometric form.